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The following terms and conditions govern the agreement between ourselves and you when interacting with this website. If you do not agree to these terms then please do not use this website.

Material Copyright Notice

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Conditions of Usage

You are permitted to use this website on an "information only" basis. We do not warrant the accuracy of the information display and accept no liability for any loss or damage from using our website. The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate this site and the content provided is on an information-only basis and does not constitute a contract in any form. The website is designed to operate 24 hours a day seven days per week, and we endeavour to provide that service.

Third Party Interaction

This website contains information provided by various third parties which we construct to form our comparison services. We ensure that this is correct but are not liable for any inaccuracies that could occur from time to time. There are no suggestions, advice or recommendations made and if you choose to select a product no liability can be made against us. We also link out to third party websites and no liability is represented from these external sites. We do not warrant that they are free of viruses and their privacy and cookie policies may differ from our own.

Data Protection Act

The UK Data Protection Act 1988 governs how data is collected and stored, with further information contained in our privacy policy.

No Contract

No material on this website will form a contract between our company and the website user.

Obligations of Users

The terms in this agreement govern all users interacting with this site. Using our trading name for any correspondence with third parties is prohibited. If you choose one of the products outlined and ultimately sign up for a service, any queries should be taken up with the supplier. We retain the right to limit your access to this website if you breach any of the terms in any way. We may or may not notify you of this termination.


The material on this site has origins from third-party sources. We ensure the data is accurate. However, we accept no liability or provide warranties for any inaccuracies contained on this site.


If you choose a product and activate a purchase, we will be paid a commission from the supplier. The pricing contained on this website will not increase due to these commissions. The payment is made directly to us from the provider.

UK Governing Law

UK law in England and Wales govern these terms and conditions. Changes may occur from time to time, with the latest document available at this web page. Once uploaded, the new terms and conditions will immediately take effect and supercede any previous versions.