About us

A Brief History

Back in 2001 myself, Jennie, and financial partner Gregg had started a new business. We'd drafted our strategy and business plan that didn't require outside investment, and we were ready to start trading.

Initially, we used our own credit cards and personal accounts to write cheques and receive payment for invoices. These were however always made out in our company name and after two or three months we started to have the cheques returned to us.

After our enquiries, we were informed that we couldn't deposit company cheques into personal accounts, and we need to open a separate holding.

Finding the Answer

Unfortunately, we were with First Direct, and they didn't offer business services, so we needed to find someone else. We eventually opted for HSBC and simply use their internet and telephone services. As a small business ourselves, this suited our requirements perfectly, and we are still happy with this choice after 12 years service.

That also gave us an idea. Why not take our knowledge and place it succinctly online for others to use? That's what you're reading now! The site compares the most common household names and any others that are entering the market.

The site is regularly updated taking in any regulatory changes and interest rate increases or decreases.

So Who are We?

The two founders Jennie Blake and Gregg Harker still manage the operations on a daily basis together with Giles Howarth, who is a part-time researcher.

We welcome feedback and will research any additional providers that are in demand.

The website is available 24 hours a day each day of the week. Our office is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm for enquiries.